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Heater Cats

A cat is a feeling of love wrapped in soft fur.

- Mordecai Siegal, author The Cornell Book of Cats

The name "heater cat" derives from a sketch from Bertha's Kitty Boutique as mentioned on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion". A heater cat is a Big Warm cat, suitable for Minnesota winters. Buy a big coat with four pockets sewn into the inside of the front, then pop a heater cat into each pocket... At night, they keep you warm in bed. Heater cats are bed warmers, lap warmers, and life warmers.

This house is owned and operated solely for the comfort and convenience of the cats.

- Author Unknown

A Heater Cat by any other name...
would purr as sweet

We neither breed, sell, nor show cats, but we're quite fond of our feline family which consists primarily of Maine Coons and Maine Coon wannabes.. We think the Maine Coon is one of the breeds that typifies the perfect Heater Cat.

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These are the Heater Cats who share our lives...






Rainbow Bridge


there's a hole in my heart


forever and ever


sweet dreams...


in loving memory

Our Favorite Things

All cats need good food, fresh water, clean sanitary facilities, plenty of play time and lots of love.
Our cats would like to share their recommendations for these things. Your cats may like these too.

Cat Quotes, Poetry, and Humor

CAT: One hell of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for a meatloaf.
- B. Kliban

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