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How much is that Coonie in the window?

We had our front windows redone in spring 1999. For the first time in 11 years, since we bought the house, in the cats' memory, the front windows opened. Bird sounds in the front! Woowee. Kitty television.

Our guys are also passionately fond of our sunroom. Where we live it never snows, and the back garden is largely green year-round, but it is cool, foggy, and/or windy, much of the year, so we enclosed the back patio with a sunroom (1990) and enclosed the upper deck with a screen porch about 6 years later. The cats can't get enough of either. Especially when the hummingbirds are flitting or the sparrows are at the feeder.

And, just outside this garden window, the little brown birds scrabble in the bushes for sunflower seeds dropped from the feeder on the porch rail above. The birds don't know there's a cat 6 inches away... but the cat knows about the birds. Lemmee out, please? Just for a little while?

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