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We got a new cat tree!

We got a new cat tree! Bebop found it first and I found it second. Mezzaluna wasn't sure about it right at first but she likes it now.

I have already gotten lots of fuzzy bits of mefluff on it. I think that's why Mezzaluna thinks it's OK now, 'cause it smells like me and I'm her bestest brother. Except for Bebop of course!

Bebop likes to sit on a branch and look out the window and Mezzaluna likes to sit up high but I like to sit everywhere and also to go through all the holes up and down to see where they go. Maybe the next time I go through one it will come out someplace else!

-- Squirrel
March 2003

Bebop discovered it first

There is a great seat by the window

Then I came in and I thought it was nifty!

I sharpened my claws on the trunk

Mezzaluna wasn't sure at first,
but later she decided she likes it too

We even played together!

cat tree purchased from Black Forest Cat Trees

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