April 17, 2007

There Could Be Mice

We have a small storage room in our house, separated from the rest of a long downstairs room by a pair of bifold louvered doors. The sewing machine, wrapping paper, and other things that are "not catable" are stored in this "mini nook". The room is not cat-proofed and the doors are kept closed at all times.

The cats hate it when I go in there. They aren't allowed to come in with me.

It must be wonderful. And Mom is in there.
I can't see her. She needs me!

And there could be Mice! Or who knows what!
I want to come in and be with Mom and explore.
Let me in!

paw, paw, patpat, scrabble, push, MeOW!

I spent a little time in the mini nook last week, working on a project. Raven was not happy about this. He pawed at the doors with his flappity feet until he got one mostly open and got his head through and ... then he was a bit stuck. I rescued him and left the room, then I told Rich we needed better latches, inside and out.

I didn't think the need was urgent (Duh!) as I really didn't expect Raven to try again unless I was in the room. More Fool I.

A few days later, while I was occupied in my office, Raven attempted another assault on the door.

paw, paw, patpat, scrabble, pat

Raven? What are you doing?


I walked out into the next room and put a box in front of the door to the mini nook.

paw, paw, patpat, push..., push

I walked out into the next room and put the vacuum cleaner in front of the box in front of the door to the mini nook.

At lunchtime, we went to the hardware store, examined our choices, discussed the constraints, and bought a pair of latches that are slightly difficult for a human to operate and should be beyond the capabilities of even the most determined feline. A few days later, I tested the new latches when I needed to use the sewing machine for a small project. Raven was very unhappy, but the door didn't move.


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