September 12, 2007


Rich ordered a queen-sized inflatable bed for the guestroom. It arrived by UPS on Wednesday night.

This model is a bit fancier than the average "air mattress". It stands 18" high when inflated and has an integrated motor. Just unfold it, plug it in, and Vrrroooooommmm.

What is that?

Bebop was concerned. Bebop was not sure about this Thing in his house. Bebop did NOT like the sound it was making.

However, Bebop's job is Cat in Charge. This often requires him to be Brave when he would much rather not. So, he stayed in the room with the THING... watching it.

He positioned himself where he could see the motor. His ears swiveled to catch every little sound as the bed inflated. Vinyl uncurled and crinkled. Ears turned every which way. (I was almost surprised they didn't fall off :-)

Eventually, the bed was full of air. We switched off the motor. Silence reigned. Bebop paced. Looking. Sniffing.

Hop. Up onto the new Thing.

He lay down. Considered. Relaxed.


All is well. The household is safe.

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