December 31, 2007

Maybe a Webcam...

Cats only assume their strangest, most intriguing and most beautiful postures when it is impossible to photograph them. Cat calendars always disappoint for they only show the public range of cat positions.
--J. R. Coulson

Last night, I was sitting on the couch, reading. Squirrel and Mezzaluna were on my lap. Bebop was on the cat tree. Suddenly, Bebop got silly. He bounced around the room. He beeped. He dove under the footrest of the Laz-E-Boy couch.

Said footrest was up. There was a blanket draped over it. Bebop poked his head out under the blanket. Now the blanket was draped over Bebop.


No camera within reach, of course. You'll just have to picture it in your mind.

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