June 22, 2008

New Lawn

The cats love grass but a planted lawn takes a while to grow (protected the entire time) and then is smashed flat so quickly. I had let our cat lawn languish into nothing for a long time.

Then Rich had the idea to buy a roll of turf. We couldn't find any over the winter (admittedly, we didn't look very hard) but in late March, Rich came home from a trip to the hardware store with a 4' chunk of turf.

We cut it in half and installed it in our cat lawn, then watered it and covered it for a few days to let it settle (and grow) before allowing the cats in to laze and munch. Raven has been especially fond of the new lawn, hopping into it every morning after breakfast.

The experiment worked well and the lawn lasted for a solid two months. Lately, it's been getting a bit ragged - about two-thirds was dry and flat. So, last night, we bought another roll of turf.

We moved the still-green parts of the old lawn into a smaller pan nearby so the kitties have something to lie on while the new grass is settling in.

Raven In Lawn

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