September 23, 2009

Martian Moon Mice

We had visitors today. Bari D (who was Raven's foster hooman, before we adopted him into our family) is in our area for just a few days, accompanying her husband Jim on a business trip. It's a whirlwind trip but we're close enough to where Jim's meetings are that they were able to stop by for a few hours. They got to see how much Raven has grown up and also meet the rest of the furkids in purrson (they've seen pictures over the years).

The kitties got to be admired and talked to and have their ears skritched and their tummies rubbed and their pictures taken. And Bari brought PRESENTS.


I recognize the clownfish... But... what are the other things?

Cattoys Clownfish Cattoys3-1

Rich figured it out. I'm always talking about the cats chasing Martian Moon Mice - things we hoomans can't see but cats know are there.

That's what these are: fuzzy toy Martian Moon Mice. (So that's what they look like.)

Pounce! Batabat. Swipe toss pounce.

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