Canta Forda Cattery

We are two professional adults, both of whom work at home a lot. We live in a split-level house with about 2500 square feet. We have a sunroom, a screen porch, lots of cat trees and cat furniture, baskets everywhere including baskets on the tops of the computer monitors. We spend lots of time with the kitties. Our kitties are our kids.

Our cats have had the FeLV vaccine but not the FIP vaccine. Our vet has seen too many cases of Feline Leukemia and worries about simple contact just in the vets office or through a screen door. Accidents happen and we're not sure there truly is such a thing as an indoor-always cat, even though we don't let the cats out unsupervised (see below). Rabies cavvination is required in San Mateo county, but our vet believes in the minimum number of shots. Cats go to the vet for a checkup twice a year.

We have a fully enclosed back yard. Bebop is occasionally allowed out for a stroll around the garden, always under close supervision, for up to 15 minutes at a time. He is not permitted to hunt the birds or taste the plants (except grass). The other cats have not been permitted out at all. None of our cats has ever been allowed (or would be allowed) beyond the fence or unsupervised.

We don't believe in declawing; we regularly trim nails just to the point where they aren't needles (but long enough to run up a cat tree safely). We do occasional baths (just to keep in practice). We brush and comb regularly and try to make the experience one the kitties enjoy. We feed high quality cat food (Nutro Max Cat) and lately, mostly Hairball Maintenance crunchies (Bebop has a hairball problem).

Our primary disciplinary method is a firm No, possibly followed by removing the cat from the object or the object from the cat. I believe that cats understand us when we talk to them (most of the time). This does not mean they always _listen_, however. We have few houseplants, remove all rubber bands, do not allow the cats access to string, yarn, or aluminum foil. Neither of us smokes; no one smokes in our house.

We provide lots of opportunities for laps, much picking up and cuddling, frequent touching, and lots of talking to the cats, using names frequently. We allow our cats to "help" a lot. Our kitties are encouraged to sleep in our bed, lie on our laps while we read, sit with us as we work. We all like to take naps on weekends.


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