Bebop (Bigfoot Butterscotch Ripple)

Bebop is our Majordomo and Cat-in-Charge.

Born: January 9, 1996
Adopted; March, 23, 1996
Red Classic Tabby
eyes: yellow
nose and toe leather: pink

Bebop is...

...butterscotch and caramel and English toffee
...a pumpkin muffin with buttercreme frosting
...a big soft teddy bear

Bebop is solid and firmly packed and exquisitely huggable

Bebop's pedigree (courtesy of Pawpeds)


  • is a big muscular boy
  • is a licky kitty - I said I wanted one and I got one
  • slurps my ears
  • makes the cutest bloobling sounds
  • has a wonderful "glow-in-the-dark" tail tip
  • likes to catch moths
  • greets us at the door, even when he's half asleep
  • likes a cat dancer with a ribbon, or a furry mouse to pounce on
  • sogs into a lap when we're reading or watching t.v.
  • lies on his back with his tummy up and his paws tucked over
  • lies on my desk and keyboard like a furry wrist rest
  • likes to sleep on the chair in my office while I work
  • enjoys wrestling with, or just sitting with, his buddy Squirrel

Bebop is Hobbes!

Some photos

(See more photos in the album)

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