Mezzaluna (Coonyham Mezzaluna)

Mezzaluna is our princess

Born: July 30, 1999
Adopted: December 23, 2000
Blue Classic Tabby with White
eyes: green-gold
nose leather: brick
toe leather: pink

Mezzaluna is...

...fog and pussy willows and thistledown and butterflies
...spider silk and velvet and wooly mufflers
... a majorette in white boots
...a silly upsidedownness with cotton ball feet

Mezzaluna is fluffy and floppy, a real "boneless cat"


  • is a very sweet girl
  • switches from goofy to Her Most Royal Blueness several times a day
  • simply adores  her brothers Bebop and Squirrel.
  • has the most expressive eyes
  • enjoys birdwatching
  • likes to wrestle with a poofy feather
  • nibbles fingers (very gently)
  • has impressive lynx tips on her ears
  • lies on her back and "makes a tummy" - fun for rubbing

Mezzaluna is The Cheshire Cat!

Mezzaluna (pronounced Metzaluna, similar to Pizza or Mezzo soprano) means Half Moon in Italian.
Mezzaluna came to us from LunarCoons upon retirement from the show ring. She's a retired showgirl!

Mezzaluna's pedigree (courtesy of Pawpeds)

Some photos

(See more photos in the album)

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