Ravenclaw (Anonymouse Ravenclaw)

Ravenclaw (aka Raven) is the "Ravening Bandersnatch" *.
He's also our token moggie and honorary Maine Coon.

Born: Spring 2002
Adopted; April, 27, 2003
Black Solid
eyes: gold with a tinge of green
nose and toe leather: black

Raven is...

...midnight sky with twin moons
...a dark chocolate souffle (with two lemon drops)
...a furry jack-in-the-box with electric eyes

Raven is intent, curious, cautious, fascinated, snuggly, content


  • is a rescue kitty; formerly homeless, he is now a happy member of our family
  • likes to play with mousey toys and feathers-on-sticks
  • play "bites" without actually making contact - bitebitechewriprend!
  • has Vampyre teeth, flappity feet, and adorable tufts behind his ears
  • growlypurrs
  • has actual thumbs!
  • talks in his sleep (mrwrmrpf)
  • Wrestles! with whatever's handy - a toy, Vicki's shoe, Squirrel...
  • Loves to play Chase the Kitty!
  • is the *Ravening Bandersnatch - a game we play when he wraps himself around my leg and chews on my Lands End Polar Fleece bootie
  • likes to nibble toes!
  • enjoys having his tummy rubbed, every chance he can get!
  • ...may not have a pedigree, but he fits right in

Raven is Tigger!

Some photos

(See more photos in the album)

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