Squirrel (Holdermaines Pink Squirrel)

Dec 18, 1999 - Feb 4, 2010 (a life is too short)

Squirrel also lost a battle with cancer. Please donate to help find a cure.

(What is a Pink Squirrel, anyway?)

Born: December 18, 1999
Adopted: April 23, 2000
Red Shaded Silver with White
eyes: amber
nose and toe leather: pink

Squirrel is...

...tapioca pudding and marshmallow fluff
   with powdered sugar donut feet
...whipped cream - the thick heavy kind with added sugar
...a soft huggable pillow stuffed with polyester fiber fill

Squirrel is squidgy and squoodgy and pleasingly plump;
he's our jellybelly cat


  • is a real sweetie
  • is a demanding little guy who knows what he wants ... what he wants is to play!
  • loves to play with a feather on a stick or a string... grrrrrr
  • is definitely a birder
  • loves his big buddy Bebop; wraps a paw around Bebop's neck and licks his head
  • has "teddybear fights" with Bebop - leap!
  • thinks Nature's Recipe kitty treats are the greatest thing to eat
  • thinks any crunchies are the second greatest...
  • knows that 11pm is snacky treat time! (but tries for 9:30)
  • is learning to sleep with the people has become a wonderful bed buddy for naps and at night

Squirrel's favorite poem -- it describes him perfectly!

Squirrel's pedigree (courtesy of Pawpeds)

Squirrel is Sylvester!

Some photos

(See more photos in the album)

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