Warrl (Bigfoot Warrl Mousepouncer)

August 31, 1994 - August 25, 2000 (too short a time)
Brown Classic Tabby
eyes: green
nose leather: brick
toe leather: black

Just shy of his 6th birthday, we and Warrl lost a hard-fought battle with cancer. This wasn't supposed to happen.

We miss you so much, sweetie. Till we meet again... We'll be waiting. Stay close.


  • played fetch
  • loved to play with fuzzy mice
  • squeaked with excitement when a new mouse appeared
  • loved to catch moths
  • loved the cat dancer; it was The Toy
  • leaped high in the air, bent like a horseshoe and pounced with all four feet
  • waited for my car, watching out the window
  • ran 3 steps and fell over for tummy rubs when I came home, then got up and did it again
  • loved to play "chase"
  • made the funniest Gung gung gung sound I've hever heard
  • made tummies on the floor to inveigle me to stop reading and come play
  • loved to leap on my lap in the bathroom, then curl up and snuggle
  • liked to sleep in the basket on my monitor
  • liked any basket to sleep in
  • used to blow kitty kisses - long slow blinks, that told me how much he loved me
  • Asked to be picked up and held, always on my right shoulder or turned onto my right arm to watch the surrounding scene
  • slept under the covers curled tight next to me
  • wasn't with me long enough... and will be with me always

Some photos

Rainbow Bridge