Martian Moon Mice
New Lawn
They're Crunchy!
I Can Has Pillows
Maybe a Webcam...
Obsessive Compulsive Hooman...
Little Brothers!
There Could Be Mice
More Typing With Cats
Typing With Cats
Ba-Doink! (Oops)
I Heard That!
What Little Brothers are Good For
Upside Down?
There's Someone in My Cave!
Whiz Whirrr
Tails from the Critter Feeder
It's a Wrap
Lying in the Lawn
Walking the Cat
The Mouse is Where?!
Reading With Cats
Couch Pillows
Just Walkin' Along
Access Port
Yum... Turkey!
My Bird
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Mew
Oh Where Oh Where Has My Pussycat Gone?
That Mousie on the Window
Happy Birthday Mezzy Lu
Biiiiig Mouse!
At Eye Level
if it's not food...
Monster in the cave
Saturday snuggles with fur friends
Happy Birthday to Raven
Two years ago (continued)
Happy Anniversary to my Marshmallow Fluffy
Car ride (BalLOOB) and Vetdoctor appointment (HAAtthhh)
Two Years Ago...
That's Sweet
Petting Them Inside Out
The North End of a South-bounding Cat
Uppies and Half Over
Catnip Party and Bird Catching
"Interesting" Events
Furry Hat
I can do that...
Training Your Human
Cave Bear
What Was That?
Happy Birthday Bebop!
A Cat's Christmas Prayer
Half Moon Anniversary
Walking on the Edge
Happy Birthday Squirrel
Hissy Fit
Woompata Woompata Woompata Wheeeee!
Sneaky, Devious, and Underpawed
New Comb
Snuggle Puppy
I Wanted That!
Defender of Home and Hearth
Hide and Pounce
Laundry Helpers, redux
Laundry Helpers
Squirrel's Turn at the Vetdockter
Natural Sleep Aid
Where Do You Go?
The Amazing Exploding Kitties
Celebrating Raven's "birthday"
Yard Duty
It Was Even Better With the Sound Effects
Cat Tummies
Oooh. That's not a cat!
Our Gymnast
Raven's Anniversary
Squirrel's 4th Anniversary
Can't See Me!
Officially Sat On By A Cat
We Could Help!
Defender of Hearth and Home
The Mama Gene
Whappata Whappata ... mwrp?
The original no-carb no-cal sweetener
Pay More Attention to the Kitty
I Shouldn't Laugh...
What Have You Been Doing?
Treasured Moments
4,000 mile checkup
Cat Naps with Nap Cats
Mezzaluna's Little Pink Den
The Amorphous Jellymold Strikes Again
Amorphous Jellymold
Sung to the Tune of...
Why is this Door Closed?
Oh oh oh Please, Mama! Crunchies?
High Wire Act (reprise)
Sun Worshippers
Getting to Like You
Nap buddies
Rainy Day Kitties
Butterscotch Birthday
I love my Big Sisfur!
Purrdays and Anniversaries
Feed me!
My Crunchy!
Glub glub Bloop
Beware of cats chasing Beauvarts!!!!
Edamame Hockey
Snuggle Buddy
Spinach monster
Close Encounters of the Raccoon Kind
Ooooh! What's That?!
Goin for a ride
Raven and Mezzaluna
Raven's 1st semi-anniversary
Home is where the cats are
Fenced Out
Sleeping kitties
Our hoomans were AWAY overnight!
Mama? It's snack time.
Furry monster in a blue cave
My bear!
My sunset boy
Peel me a mouse
Watching washing
Raven's Raccoon
Twitters in the garden
Mezzaluna is 4 years old today!
Double the Squirrels, double the fun
More Fun with cats
Raven Report
High Wire Act
Raven found a new treat
Gingerbread cats
Furry Alarm Clocks
Vicki's place in the household hierarchy
The Ravening Bandersnatch
Adapting the morning ritual
Raven likes Squirrel
Raven after 1 month
Have you chipped your cats?
The new guy learns fast
Bouncy Trouncy Flouncy Pouncy
Famous Feline Purrsonality Quiz
"exploding" kitties
Joys of a furever home
Proper introductions matter
6 days out of PURRdah
Kitty nicknames
Raven report (4 days)
Squirrel thinks Raven is OK
This cat plays with me!
Awwww. Kitty hug!
Houdini the weasel
New game for Raven
Raven's FURrst week in California
Raven report
The Raven has landed
He's Coming on Sunday!
We're Adopting the Rescue Kitty
Fun shots
We saw a squirrel
I've fallen in love with a kitty
In my Easter basket
Crunchy Mornings
Kitty Dental Dots
Counter Intelligence
Our new cat tree
Feline Energy
Use that empty wall space!
BIG Bird
Kitty Hockey
Making The Bed
Pictures of me and the kitties
Cats in the garden; goldfinches in the plum tree
The Joy of Living with a cat
Marshmallow Fluffy